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Weather Forecast
Weather behaviour in Florianopolis in four seasons.
SUMMER (January - February - March)
In the first two months of the year the days are sunny and hot, cloudy in the evening and early morning and the possibility of quick showers and thunderstorms. The first half of March still features the summer, but with a little more rain. From the second half of March the amount of rain falls, the weather is more stable and it is expected the first signs of cold with the proximity of the fall. The average temperature this time ranges from 21 º C to 30 ° C.
AUTUMN(April - May - June)
The rains fall and the cold gradually increases. In some periods there's been a sharp drop in the temperature due to climate phenomena that are common in this season. The air is dry, the sky clear and the days are sunny, keeping it warm until the early afternoon, then when the temperatures begin to fall very quickly. The temperature range (difference between daily minimum and maximum temperature) is the largest of all year, but at the coast this is softened by the sea that acts as a thermal regulator and don't let temperatures fall so sharply. Another factor typical of this season is the formation of fog in the early hours of the day and at night, when the humidity is very high. The south wind, which is a common type of wind in the region, with strong gusts of cold air, also appears more frequently. The average temperature this time ranges from 18 º C to 27 º C.
WINTER(July - August - September)
Winter is marked by the arrival of cold fronts and the presence of masses of cold air and dry. It rains around ten days a month, but the accumulated volume of water is much lower than that recorded in the summer. In upland areas frost can occur. Climatic conditions are also conducive to the formation of fog in the early morning and evening. The average temperature this time ranges from 13 º C to 22 º C.
SPRING(October - November - December)
At the beginning of the season of flowers is possible to enjoy a pleasant climate, ideal to enjoy the city outdoors. The rainfall increases in comparison with winter. Even so, there is occurrence of prolonged periods without rain, which favors the rapid rise in temperatures. The average temperature begins to increase from September. The average temperature this time ranges from 16 º C to 25 ° C.
Ciram - Centro de Informações de Recursos Ambientais e de Hidrometeorologia de Santa Catarina - ciram.epagri.rct-sc.br
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