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Author: Zeca Baronio

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38 kilometers from the city.

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Beach: Praia Brava Zone: North
Bravo beach is located in Itajai, a suburb of Florianopolis and can easily be found by asking locals. Until not too long ago the beach was a desert and was not known to anybody but today the beach thrives with locals and foreigners and is one of the main attractions of Santa Catarina. The steep shore and the sea confines Brava beach. The beach is known for its varying peaks and popular with the gliders too. Bravo beach is 1.5 kilometre long and about 150 metre wide attracting surfers, swimmers, gliders and visitors. One of the beauties of the beach is its clear and fine sandy dunes. The water too is crystal clear making the beach worth a visit. The beach is popular with surfers as the sea has strong waves and waters that are bright clear making it a perfect spot for practicing surfing. The beach waters are calm and little cold in nature, but, not enough to stop swimmers and surfers from thronging them. The wave quality is pretty good and consistent too allowing surfing 150 days a year. The waves are fast, powerful and hollow in nature. Normal length of the waves is 50 meter to 150 meter which can go up to 150 meter to 300 meter on a good surf day. The direction of swell is east, southeast and southwest which starts from 1 metre and goes as high as 2.5 meter. The wind direction is west, northeast and northwest. But surfers should keep in mind that waves get pretty brutal sometimes and there may be chances of getting caught up in it. View location on map
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