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Beach: Matadeiro Zone: South
Matadeiro is filled with beauty which is surreal for many tourists. The scenic beauty of Matadeiro is so rich that it attracts people from all over the world during the hot summers, who want to get soaked in the cool waters of the traditional beach.
This place is excellent for surfers who are in search of lively and strong waves.
Matadeiro is a very old name and dates back to the time when there was no law against the hunting of whales. The traps were set by the fishermen in the waters of the Armaco beach and the sharks were brought to Matadeiro for killing. At that time the fishing of whales was actively carried out in the Brazilian colonial economy. The whales were killed for meat and oil. This was how the names of both the beaches were derived. But now efforts for the preservation of the species of whales which survived are on the rise. The surrounding nature is also preserved, the proof of which are the white and fine sand of the beach. The clear sea water is encouraging for swimmers and bathers.
Located between the beaches of Lagoinha of the East and Armaco, the beaches of Matadeiro are comparatively tranquil. The only way to access this place is by walking.
Because of lack of roads, it is impossible to get there by car. It is located two hundred meters away from the Lagoon of the Peri. View location on map
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