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Distance to downtown:

36 km
Beach: Ribeirão da Ilha Zone: South
Ribeirão da Ilha beach is one of the beaches of island of Ribeirao.
Ribeirao da Ilha is one of the first places to be inhabited in Florianopolis and the very first community of the state was formed here, during the 16th century by the Carijos Indians.
The name of the Ribeirao Island originated from a small river flowing through that area. The river was called as ribeiracao´ in the regional language and from it the word ribeira was derived. This river was born from the fort waterfall situated in Santo Estevao.
Historians states that the first attack made by the Spanish and Portuguese navigators was in 1506. Navigator Sebastiao Caboto came to Ribeirao da Ilha by crossing the Atlantic Ocean, after twenty years.
He anchored his ship in the Port of the Ribeirão da Ilha . From 1748 to 1756, he played a major role in the settlement of people on the island. At that time nearly six thousand acorianos had inhabited the Ribeirao island and according to some authors some cinquenta couples also had established themselves in that area.
Today, some parts of the south coast of Brazil are still occupied by traces of the Portuguese settlement. View location on map
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