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Author: Jay Braun

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13 Km.

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Beach: Santo Antônio de Lisbôa Zone: North
Santo Antonio de Lisboa beach is located in central northwest region of Island of Santa Catarina. Santo Antonio de Lisboa was one of the first communities established for acorianos immigrants who came to the island in mid 19th century also making it popular for commerce. Until the beginning of the last century Santo Antonio de Lisboa was one of the main polar regions of the city of Desterro together with Lagoa da Conceicao, da Vila Capital and Ribeirao da Ilha. The beach is located at 13 kilometers from the center of the city and extends to about 750 meters.
One of the main features of Santo Antonio de Lisboa beach is the buildings along the beach with beautiful architecture. Some of the castles of 19th century are still preserved in the area. The historic center itself is protected as area of cultural preservation.
The construction is distinguished by its baroque style an example is the Church of Our Lady of the Necessities, where the community frequently congregates and where, annually, in September, the Party of the Holy Ghost also takes place. To add more to its beauty the beach also has a breathtaking beautiful landscape making visitors awestruck. It also offers panoramic view of North Bay and the continent. The appearance of the beach made up of small coves and beautiful hills gives a romantic air to the place. The hills that serve as natural barriers to wind also facilitate the plantation of orchards that produce various fruits. View location on map
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